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January 30, 2012 / / Design
January 1, 2012 / / Mobile

The latest kerfuffle over handset manufacturers not supporting the latest version of Android–Ice Cream Sandwich–has been simplified by some to be a matter of money. More precisely, the assumption as stated by James Kendrick of ZDNet is that,

“…if OEMs keep updating older devices with new versions of Android it is more likely those customers won’t buy another gadget any time soon. That’s the churn that [manufacturers] depend on to keep sales hopping.”

He also notes that there’s a support cost for these older devices that manufacturers have to swallow by upgrading older devices with the latest version of Google’s free mobile operating system. Kendrick basically says that he accepts this cost-based excuse as a reasonable one. Read the Post Android 4 updates and OEM branding

December 16, 2011 / / Design
December 1, 2011 / / Mobile

If you read the title, you win the game. Throw a few popular terms together, post a video of technical stuff going on, and toss in a few scary terms like “malware,” “rootkit,” “privacy violation,” and “lawsuit” and you’ll be making Adsense revenue hand over fist.

This CarrierIQ thing will blow over relatively quickly. The companies that have been dogged so wildly the past week won’t get an apology or retraction from the thousands of people who have been mislead by a well-intentioned developer and the dozens of blogs who were quick to turn a handful of claims and a 15-minute YouTube video into fodder for Fox News and Congress. Read the Post How to drive traffic and make friends. Android. Rootkit. Travis Eckhart. CarrierIQ.