Dumb robots are of little good to us

This paper towel dispenser has it all backwards.

“Wave to dispense paper towel” it says.

What is your purpose, robot paper towel dispenser, if not to ensure that my wet, dripping hands can quickly grasp a paper towel?

Why do I need to exert such a silly effort so you can fulfill your one purpose in life? Namely to make sure a paper towel is ready for me?

I’ve worked with paper towel dispensers who are smart. (In fairness to you, they were at Facebook, where I suppose the entry criteria are more selective). They don’t need me to wave at them before they ┬ároll out a new paper towel. The moment I happily tear one from its rollers, it calmly unrolls the next portion. No waving, no waiting. Common sense.

There’s no room for dumb robots in the future. Get with the program–or get reprogrammed.

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