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I read this book earlier this year when I heard that a movie adaptation was coming out (sorry, geek brethren, for not reading it sooner).

In a word, Ender’s Game is terrific; I’m looking forward to the movie. This trailer provides a number of space battle shots, which look great — but special effects aren’t that hard to deliver anymore.*

The hard part of adapting this book for the big screen will be the internal struggles Ender has and the interpersonal conflicts that don’t involve guns or spaceships.

I’m sure the movie will satisfy casual sci-fi fans who love a neat spaceship and lasers. And frankly I’ll love it if those things are done well too. But I will be disappointed if the emotional depth that made me enjoy the book so much are minimized.


via ▶ Enders Game TRAILER 2 2013 – Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford Movie HD – YouTube.

* Okay special effects are really hard to do; you get my point though right?

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