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From the timestamps on the file, it looks like 2001 was a crazy year for me. At least in regards to Flash animation. I was working at a Community College and picking up some freelance work. I also made friends with some folks in the print shop who played disc golf.One way or another I found myself making a little website for the new disc golf course being installed on the Community College campus. Today, I bring you this piece of work–unedited in any way from it’s July 24, 2001 published state. It seems like maybe I should be embarassed, but really, I think I did pretty okay.

I remember spending (what felt like) days on things here like hand-drawing the curve of the hill so the little gopher appeared to be popping out of it. And making the lightning cloud get larger and then flash…wow. If only I had stayed on this path, who knows what I’d be doing now?

I’ll award you 100 bonus fake internet points for sharing some of your 10+ year old work in the comments below! An extra 50 if your project is still “live” out there.


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