The Moto X Camera – Making me (think I am) a better photographer

I’m not a terrific photographer. I’d like to think I am, but generally my photos are poorly framed, horribly lit, and ill-timed. Burst-shot on my Galaxy S 3 was a great feature to have becuase I could snap 20 pictures in a single press and I could count on one of them looking decent.

The Moto X camera has been suprising in a few ways. For one, there is basically no interface for it. When you start up the camera, it’s just one big viewfinder on your screen. Tap anywhere and it takes a picture. From an ease of use perspective, this is great. For folks used to messing with white balance and f-stops, it could be frustrating.

You can open the camera with a careful double-twist of the phone in your hand–the actual motion takes some practice, but I’ve used this gesture a number of times to quickly launch the camera app. It’s handy, if not a bit quirky.

The timing of a picture is a little different on the Moto X. I’m not entirely sure if it’s a display quirk or a camera quirk, but it seems like there is a lag between tapping the screen and the shutter animation playing and the phone actually taking the picture. I don’t have the timing figured out quite yet, but I imagine this could be cleared up relatively quickly.

Depending on who you talk to, the photos that the Moto X put out are either very nice or total junk. I’ve seen and heard many comments about the photos being over-saturated, trend to be red-tinted, or grainy. Motorola did release an update shortly after the phone launched which corrected a number of reported camera issues.

If you take a look at the sample gallery of photos I snapped one afternoon with the Moto X, I think you’ll see some minor blending/contrast issues, but otherwise some very rich pictures including a nice panorama shot, a neat macro-ish shot of a praying mantis we stumbled upon, and some nice detail picked up in close-ups of a rusted out International we found in the creek. Oh and a fun shot of my son laughing too. Overall, a nice set of pictures from a very capable camera.



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