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The Sprint “Store of the Future” project challenged us to deliver a highly interactive, beautiful and informative experience into select retail stores. We wanted to give customers something helpful and engaging while helping sales associates describe devices, coverage and plans to make selling straightforward and visual. With terrific design and development leadership from SapientNitro, we launched 5 stores in 2013, and are evaluating opportunities to roll out the experiences to more places.

What I did for this project:

As a pilot project, we wanted to launch something quickly, but also ensure that we could keep pricing, content and imagery up to date for the life of the platform. In addition to helping guide content strategy and produce specification documents for project execution, I also worked closely with our development and infrastructure teams to determine how we could leverage existing assets, processes and workflow to maintain this entirely new digital experience. After launch, I’ve helped drive incremental changes to both maintenance and content to support new company initiatives.

Technical details

  • Most of the SOF/NGS apps were built with Appcelerator & distributed with Scala. In addition, a native Android app and iOS app were built and deployed. Some asset management is accomplished with Akamai NetStorage and good old rsync.

What it looks like

Where you can experience it


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